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2006-2010 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 4505).pdf72 KB
2007-2011 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 4568).pdf444 KB
2008-2012 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 4648).pdf21 KB
2009-2013 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 4738).pdf37 KB
2010-2014 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 4805).pdf306 KB
2011-2015 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 4865).pdf85 KB
2012-2016 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 4917).pdf75 KB
2013-2017 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 4988).pdf81 KB
2014-2018 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 5050).pdf91 KB
2015-2019 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 5141).pdf112 KB
2016-2020 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 5186).pdf117 KB
2017-2021 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 5259).pdf122 KB
2018-2022 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 5342).pdf116 KB
2019-2023 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw (No. 5455).pdf114 KB
2020-2024 Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw 2020 (No. 5565).pdf110 KB
2021-2025 Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw 2021 (No. 5692).pdf104 KB
Aldergrove Community Plan Bylaw (No. 1802).pdf8,865 KB
Animal Control Bylaw (No. 4440).pdf237 KB
Audible Bird Scare Devices Farm Bylaw (No. 5005).pdf44 KB
Brookswood-Fernridge Community Plan Bylaw (No. 5300).pdf23,675 KB
Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 2008 (No. 4703).pdf262 KB
Cannabis Production Farm Bylaw (No. 5577).pdf174 KB
Carvolth Neighbourhood Plan (No. 4995).pdf24,103 KB
Central Gordon Estate Neighbourhood Plan (No. 4924).pdf12,525 KB
Community Standards Bylaw (No.5448).pdf5,357 KB
Council Procedures Bylaw (No. 5199).pdf206 KB
Development Cost Charges Bylaw (No. 5555).pdf189 KB
Discharge of Firearms Regulation Bylaw (No. 3001).pdf10 KB
Drinking Water Conservation Bylaw 2018 (No. 5321).pdf155 KB
Election and Political Signs Bylaw (No. 5034).pdf160 KB
Erosion and Sediment Control Bylaw (No. 4381).pdf459 KB
Exotic Animal Bylaw (No. 3461).pdf135 KB
Fees and Charges Bylaw (No. 4616).pdf1,031 KB
Fire Prevention Bylaw 2021 (No. 5690).pdf1,394 KB
Fort Langley Community Plan Bylaw (No. 2527).pdf12,391 KB
Fort Langley Off-Street Parking Bylaw (No. 3472).pdf463 KB
Gloucester Community Plan Bylaw (No. 2556).pdf2,551 KB
Heritage Property Maintenance Standards Bylaw 2018 (No.5376).pdf227 KB
Highway and Traffic Bylaw (No. 4758).pdf375 KB
Jericho Sub-Neighbourhood Plan (No. 4825).pdf20,684 KB
Langley Building Bylaw (No. 4642).pdf92 KB
Langley Building Numbering Bylaw (No. 2969).pdf49 KB
Langley Sewerworks Regulation Bylaw (No. 5367).pdf308 KB
Langley Sign Bylaw (No. 4927).pdf65 KB
Langley Town Centre Community Plan (Bylaw 3361).pdf2,509 KB
Langley Town Centre Community Plan Bylaw (No. 3361).pdf2,509 KB
Langley Waterworks Regulation Bylaw (No. 4697).pdf299 KB
Latimer Neighbourhood Plan (No. 5101).pdf15,053 KB
Licencing Bylaw (No. 5192).pdf141 KB
Mobile Homes and Trailers Bylaw (No. 1505).pdf630 KB
Murrayville Community Plan Bylaw (No. 2661).pdf5,467 KB
North East Gordon Neighbourhood Plan (No. 4475).pdf17,767 KB
Northwest Langley Community Plan Bylaw (No. 2323).pdf2,454 KB
Official Community Plan (No. 1842).pdf37,073 KB
Pre-Authorized Debit for Property Taxes Bylaw (No. 4863).pdf36 KB
Property Safety Bylaw (No. 4835).pdf126 KB
Public Safety Radio Building Amplification System Bylaw (No. 5319).pdf246 KB
Public Spaces Regulation Bylaw (No. 5298).pdf333 KB
Rapid Impact and Compaction Bylaw (No. 4294).pdf253 KB
Routley Neighbourhood Plan (No. 4013).pdf4,225 KB
Rural Community Plan Bylaw (No. 3250).pdf5,828 KB
Smith Neighbourhood Plan (No. 5265).pdf22,094 KB
Soil Deposit and Removal Bylaw (No. 4975).pdf129 KB
Solid Waste Management Bylaw 2016 (No. 5200).pdf517 KB
South West Gordon Neighbourhood Plan (No. 3911).pdf6,974 KB
Stormwater Utility Establishment Bylaw (No. 4232).pdf148 KB
Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw 2019 (No. 5382).pdf12,799 KB
Tree Protection Bylaw (No. 5478).pdf492 KB
Tree Summary Schedule (No. 5382).pdf101 KB
Walnut Grove Community Plan Bylaw (No. 1836).pdf6,662 KB
Walnut Grove Neighbourhood Plan - Redwoods.pdf3,857 KB
Watercourse Protection Bylaw (No. 4964).pdf70 KB
Williams Neighbourhood Plan (No. 5335).pdf18,034 KB
Willoughby Community Plan (No. 3800).pdf10,361 KB
Willowbrook Community Plan Bylaw (No. 3008).pdf5,274 KB
Yorkson Neighbourhood Plan (No. 4030).pdf15,517 KB