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Consolidated Map (Zoning Bylaw No. 2500).pdf2,228 KB
List of Amendments.pdf156 KB
Section 100 Administration.pdf2,120 KB
Section 200 Rural Zones.pdf382 KB
Section 300 Suburban Residential (SR) Zones.pdf310 KB
Section 400 Residential (R, MH, FH and CRE) Zones.pdf266 KB
Section 500 Multiple Family Residential (RM) Zones.pdf110 KB
Section 600 Commercial (C) Zones.pdf445 KB
Section 700 Industrial (M) Zones.pdf416 KB
Section 800 Institutional (P) Zones.pdf214 KB
Section 900 Comprehensive Development (CD Zones).pdf14,890 KB
Table of Contents.pdf168 KB