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AutoCAD TOL - Sample Design Drawing Set.pdf10,527 KB
AutoCAD TOL - Sample Record Drawing Set.pdf3,484 KB
Dev Eng Estimate Template.zip101 KB
DFO Sediment Limits.pdf57 KB
Drinking Water Application Water Works Construction Permit.pdf177 KB
ESC Enforcement Guidelines.pdf117 KB
ESC Enforcement Matrix.pdf59 KB
ESC Enforcement Tools.pdf62 KB
ESC Sched 'A' Control Permit Application.pdf107 KB
ESC Sched 'C' Letter of Appointment.pdf58 KB
F1 - Certificate of Field Reviews.pdf453 KB
F10 - Commitment by Owner & Landscape Architect.pdf442 KB
F1A - Certificate of Test Results.pdf436 KB
F2 - F5 - Well Testing.pdf590 KB
F6 - Cost Sharing Agreement.pdf410 KB
F7 - Insurance Certificate.pdf434 KB
F8 - Drainage Certificate.pdf420 KB
F9 - Commitment by Owner & Engineer.pdf437 KB
Form 35C - Sewer Extension.pdf42 KB
GST Registration.pdf286 KB
Guidelines to Contractors & Consultants.pdf959 KB
Letter of Authority.pdf24 KB
Letter of Credit Required Format.pdf49 KB
Lot Grading Certification Form.pdf489 KB
Materials Testing Requirements.pdf116 KB
Pavement Cut Form.pdf120 KB
Pressure Test & Disinfection Record.pdf134 KB
Pressure Test and Disinfection Record.pdf69 KB
Request for Deficiency Inspection.pdf582 KB
Sanitary Low Pressure Test Record Sheet.pdf50 KB
Sched 'A' Langley Sewerworks Regulation Bylaw.pdf19 KB
Septic Sewer Certification.pdf22 KB
Service Card Template DWG.zip153 KB
Service Card Template.pdf82 KB
Soil Declaration.pdf57 KB
Substantial Completion Inspection Request.pdf539 KB
Utility Cover Letter Template.pdf138 KB
Weekly Inspection Report.pdf612 KB